Mari's Sweet Shelties

The Wright Family w/Stacy->Foxy
The Shipman's w/Owen->Jack
Tory & Dustin w/Grayson->Malachi
​Katie & Zak's Litter 2 (Drop Dead Diva)
Shelly(& Al) Vamosy w/Angela
The Carbone's with Booth->Max
The Beyer family w/Tempy
The Cohen's w/Hodgens->Deacon
Jasmine & Zak's Litter 1 (Titantic/Grease)
​Katie & Zak's Litter 1 (Bones)
Mari's Sweet Shelties - Puppies from Chloe, Lily & Mindy....all retired Mama's
The Petro Family w/Serendipity->Mia
The Slaters w/Ferris
The Knowlton's w/James & Bond
Mindy's babies (her only litter)
About 2011 my husband and I decided to add a new family member to our lives. A puppy. We did some research on different breeds and ended up having our heart set on a Shetland Sheepdog. Once we knew the breed we wanted the search for the perfect breeder started. Meeting a few and not being 100% sure with them Mari's Sweet Shelties was our next visit. Being invited to meet the dogs in her home along with a litter that was there was so wonderful in getting a feel for temperaments among other things. All of our questions were answered and feeling as comfortable as we did this was where we definitely wanted to get our puppy. Right down to being put on a list for a female around spring or summer time for training purposes, literature provided, the updates and visits as our puppy grows, and to the key socialization needed before arriving home. Once Mia was born March 19th 2012 I couldn't even begin to tell the amount of excitement felt and how waiting to bring her home felt like forever. She's so loving and intelligent. An absolute loving companion. The process was so smooth and Mariellen made everything so enjoyable. We can't thank her enough for allowing us to become part of the Sheltie family with her and for that we are and will always be thankful. So thank you from the bottom of hearts.

Sincerely,  The Petro Family, Endwell, New York

The George Family w/Abigal
The Dietrich's w/ Jack
The Reese's w/Cooper
The Marble's w/Kloe
Lily's babies (her only litter)
Randi Gralla w/Hershey->Mia
The Wild's w/ Pez->Stella
The Stover's w/Skittles->Indie
The Selert's w/Twizzler->Simon
The Hodge's w/York->Shiloh
The Bushey's w/ Kizzy & Lady
The Shobon's w/ Layla
The Anger's w/Naomi
Judi Purcell w/SunnyA
The Stifani's w/Tupac
The Zuchowski's w/Luke
The Lizotte's w/Maggie
The Terry's w/ Lily
The Guernsey's w/Morgan
The Morell's w/Sophie
Lydia Hernandez w/Brooklyn
The Michitsch's w/Wolfgang
The Ruff's w/Beau
The Biesler's w/Bathsheba
The Guernsey's w/Dexter
Chloe was Mama to 23 babies. She left us way too soon. She was the re-start of Mari's Sweet Shelties
We found Mari’s Sweet Shelties online when we were looking for a sheltie breeder in the summer of 2015. We were hoping to adopt our first family puppy, so we were a bit nervous. However, Mari made us feel very comfortable from the beginning. She was quick to respond to an interest we submitted on her website and answered all of our questions fully and in detail. Quickly it became clear that Mari was a well experienced breeder and cares deeply for her shelties. We felt confident that we would receive a quality puppy. And we did! That August we took home our beautiful and healthy Sandy- one of four from Jazmine’s and Zak's first litter together.  
What we loved most about the adoption process with Mari was the close connection she created with us. Mari is easy to talk to and very friendly. We received weekly pictures and updates about our puppy’s growth and development via text, email, and/or Facebook. By the time we picked up Sandy, we felt like we had known Mari (and our puppy) for a long time. I would highly recommend Mari's Sweet Shelties.  

The O'Brien-Stulb family, Rochester, NY 
The Todd Family w/ Rose->Licorice
The Palasik Family w/Jack
The O'Brien-Stulb Family w/Sandy
Danny-> Dallas; heading home w/Dermody family
Puppies from Past Litters,
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and their buyers thoughts on doing business 
with Mari's Sweet Shelties

Mari, This site looks fantabulous! Little Angela is so happy with us 😊 She has trained us well and she loves taking care of Al and I 💕 Anyway........We love her very much. She is smart and funny and such a joy 😃 If anyone is looking to adopt a Sheltie, I highly recommend Mari's Sweet Shelties!

Shelly Vamosy, Harpersfield, New York
 Dustin and I are so happy with Malachi (Grayson)! He is everything we could have hoped for and more. Having had shelties all my life, I have always found that they can sometimes be shy with people that are not their family-not Mally! Everyone comments on how friendly he is and he is always wanting to go over to meet other people/dogs and make new friends. Meeting his dad Zak too was a great preview of how Malachi would be-not only was he handsome, but he was friendly and interactive with us. The whole process of bringing Malachi home was also a great experience-you were so wonderful about sending us pictures, videos, and texts telling us how our puppy was doing. We couldn't have asked for a better experience and if or when we decide to expand our pack with another sheltie we will most definitely be returning to Mari's Sweet Shelties!

Tory Bennett, Boston, MA
Our "Jack" is 4 months old now and we couldn't love him more. He is smart, sweet and makes us laugh each and every day. People are always commenting on how friendly he is. He loves to meet people! I credit Mariellen with this, having brought her young pups to school and nursing home. I loved that she kept us up to date with news and pictures as we anxiously awaited our pick up day. Even after we brought him the 5 hours to Vermont, she was just a text away when we needed an answer about housebreaking or behavior. We waited 4 years to get our sheltie. Mariellen kept us in mind, knowing eventually we'd be ready. And now, we can't imagine life without him! Thank you for raising such a wonderful little guy!

Bob & Barb Shipman, Barre, VT

Let me start by saying I am Mariellen's daughter and a life-long Sheltie lover.  When my husband & I were getting married in 2009, Chloe had just had her 1st litter of pups and my mom blessed us with our dog Lily as a wedding gift.  As Mariellen's daughter, I have known and loved many shelties but none compare to my Lily.  She has the most beautiful face and loving eyes.  She is so well trained and is a huge part of our family.  My mom's dog, Katie, also lives with us now.  She is a small sheltie who is a git foxy in appearance. She prances when she walks and is always ready to fill your lap with sheltie love.  My mom & I have a business out of her home so the girls (dogs) and I spend every weekday at her house.  This means I get the pleasure of helping with each new litter of pups.  Their pen is 20' from my desk so at any given moment I can have a puppy in my arms (I am currently holding "Ricky").  I can guarantee you that you won't find a breeder anywhere who loves and socializes their pups like we do.  So give us a call for your new family member.  I may even answer the phone.

Becky Terry, Stamford, NY
Tempy is such a huge part of our lives. She barks each morning the kids get onto the bus and she waits for them at the door after school. My kids LIVE for Tempy. She just started sleeping in our bed. She waits for the alarm and then makes sure we are up. She's so crazy in the morning for kisses. I love her petite size too. Thank you for adding her to our crazy lives, Mariellen. She's the best!!!!

Erica Beyer, Albany, NY
Jasmine & Zak's Litter 2 (Am. Pickers/Pawn Shop)
Ricky ->HUNTER w/ Beatty Family
Corey -> Oreo w/ Burrows Family
Mikey -> Jagger w/Bass Family
Frankie w/Lea (Simmons-Kimble Family)
Hawkeye w/Zuchowski's
Radar w/ Amy
Klinger w/Padula's
Col.Potter w/ VanValkenburgh's (RIP)
Margaret went home with Madeline
​Katie & Zak's Litter 3 (M*A*S*H)
Jasmine & Zak's Litter 4 (purple litter)
Jasmine & Zak's Litter 5 (Brady Bunch)
Jasmine & Zak's Litter 6 (Happy Days)
So many litters, so many puppies, I've stopped posting going home pictures.  These litter pictures start in Jan '19 and go back from there.