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Shetland Sheepdogs are my passion…and placing Sheltie puppies into loving forever homes fuels my passion. I love all the people I have had the privilege of meeting and working with, many becoming ongoing friends. But alas, business is business and just as fences make good neighbors, policies make good business practices.


If you are interested in a Sheltie puppy from Mari’s Sweet Shelties, please call Mariellen to be placed on the Notification List. I keep a list, that can get quite long, of those who have CALLED me to inquire about puppies. When a litter is ready for placements, I will send out text message letting you know how to view the pertinent information.  If you are interested in a puppy, you will need to CALL ME asap to begin the placement process.

Striving to place my puppies in forever homes, ALL potential buyers are interviewed, normally in a casual conversation, to determine compatibility of potential family & their home with the puppy. Therefore, do expect questions about your home, family and previous dog ownership when you call to be placed on the list. If you have never owned a sheltie, please research the breed to be sure these beautiful babies will fit into your home life.

While giving a loved one a puppy is a wonderful gift, I do require speaking with and meeting an adult member of the household where the puppy will live. This is not a gift of an inanimate object but rather a living, breathing, eating, pooping, barking being that must have a responsible adult willing and agreeable to sharing their home with him or her.

The purchase of a puppy is with the intent of providing the dog a FOREVER HOME. Understanding that life throws us curve-balls, if you ever find yourself unable to provide your dog a home…PLEASE do not surrender your dog to a shelter or rescue!!! If you are unable to find a suitable re-home/re-family situation for your dog, your dog can ALWAYS be returned to me. I will either provide the home or find a suitable home for it.  My desire is that never will a dog I produce end up in a shelter/rescue situation.  I am here to help!

PRICE:  Puppies are $1200.  (NYS sales tax included). 
 Occasionally I have an older dog for sale.  Their price is variable along with the details of why they are being sold. All information stated on this page applies to puppies only.
DEPOSIT: A deposit of $300 is required at the time of signing sales contract, to hold your selected puppy until it is 8 weeks old. The deposit is non-refundable except in the case of a puppy fatality or determination of unfit for sale due to medical defect. Deposits are accepted in cash, PayPal & personal check. A returned check, for any reason, will cancel sale contract & release puppy.
BALANCE: The remaining balance of $900 is due in-full at the time of pick-up, before puppy leaves breeder. Balances are payable in CASH please.
SPAYING/NEUTERING: As part of the sale contract, the buyer will agree to spay/neuter the dog by one year of age. Proof of surgery will be provided back to the breeder. (Unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon with breeder at the time the sales contract is signed.)
REGISTRATION:  ACA (American Canine Association) or AKC (American Kennel Club) Registration is included with every puppy. Puppies are sold as pets and are not considered to be of show or breeding quality, but are a representative of its breed and structurally and temperamentally suited as a companion.
SHIPPING or DELIVERY services are not available. ALL pups will be picked up on-site at my home in Stamford, New York. Please be sure that you are able to travel to Stamford before committing to a puppy.
PICK-UP DATES are given spanning a week of time, from 7 ½ to 8 ½ weeks of age. This week span is to help accommodate the vast variances of working schedules. These dates will be provided to you at the time of sales contract. It is expected you will make plans and arrangements for the pick-up to occur in this time frame. If extended pick-up time is needed beyond 8 ½ weeks, boarding fees will apply and is limited to an additional 14 days.

Prior to Sale: All puppies will have their first vet visit at 6 weeks of age. They will received their first set of shots (Distemper complex + lepto). They are physically examined and, if possible, a composite stool sample is checked for worms. (Pups receive worming treatment during infancy, if indicated).
At Time of Sale: Every puppy is guaranteed for 72 hours against temperament irregularities . It is recommended that the buyer have the puppy examined by a veterinarian during this time period.
A full refund will be given if a puppy is found to be unfit for purchase due to illness or the presences of symptoms of a contagious or infectious disease within 14 days of sale, certified by a licensed veterinarian and then verified by my veterinarian. Intestinal parasites shall not be grounds for declaring the puppy unfit for sale unless the animal is clinically ill due to such condition.
A full refund or equal exchange (as soon as available) will be given if a puppy is found unfit due to a congenital malformation which adversely affects the health of the animal within 180 days (6 months) of sale, certified by a licensed veterinarian and then verified by my veterinarian.
In all instances, buyer will return dog to breeder for refund or replacement. Puppies will be returned to breeder at the site of sale by the buyer. If dog is not returned to breeder, no refund or replacement will apply.
 Refunds will be issued after veterinarian verification (not at time of return).
All veterinary bills are the responsibility of the buyer. It is the buyers responsibility to keep dogs up to date on shots and all other necessary or elective medical care.
Microchip / Tattooing are options the buyer may choose for their pet. Neither of these are included in the purchase price from the breeder.

BREEDER reserves the right to deny a sale.

  • Have questions?????  Please feel free to call me.  607-652-3609
This page updated: 7/29/2022
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