Mari's Sweet Shelties

Meet the Parents
Mari's Sweet Shelties is home to a small brood of Shelties. As in-house pets, the dogs all enjoy a pampered life of laps, chairs with a sidewalk view and constant interaction with all their people. As Sheltie lovers know, you can NEVER give them too much attention. :)

Mari's Sweet Majestic Zak (bi-black)
has the sweetest, most loving personality, winning the hearts of all that encounter him. Zak is the oldest male and he believes he is master of this kingdom.
Mari's Sweet Jazzy Jasmine
Mari's Sweet Suzie Q 
Mari's Sweet Katie
Mari's Sweet Lovin Logan - Retired

Mari's Sweet Miracle Zoey is one of our own. She is our miracle, born 6 days early at 3.6 oz.  She was the sole survivor and hand fed for 6 weeks.  She is grown up strong, healthy and is now a most excellent mama.

aka:  Retired Mama's & Papa's
Mari's Sweet Lucy Lou is a hard working mama and a sweet loving girl. Her happy disposition and easy going nature make her a joy to have around.

Mari's Sweet Chloe
Mari's Sweet Lily
Mari's Sweet Trixie
is one of our own.  
Mari's Sweet Mindy
Currently, we have seven dogs living with us, and 2more of our girls (now retired) live with our daughter & her family.  All seven dogs spend their days together here running the yard, patrolling the sidewalk and keeping order in the neighborhood. They are, after all, herding dogs first.
So without further adieu, meet the parents: 
Mari's Sweet Exuberant Eli
is our young stud. Standing just 13 inches and weighing 18 pounds, he is our smallest dog. But don't let his size fool you, he has energy for days and weeks. 

Very pregnant Lucy
Mari's Sweet Heidi
is one of our own, our first bi-black girl.  
Heidi is such a sweet little girl, a trait that shows up big time with her babies.

4 months old
2 years old
6 months old
2 years old
Mari's Sweet Annie
is one of our own, a beautiful Tri from Trixie & Zak.  
Annie started out life as one of the smallest babies but has grown to an impressive 16" in just 10 months.  We hope she will join our mama line-up in 2025.