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About Mari's Sweet Shelties
Mari's Sweet Shelties is located in Stamford, NY. 
Mari's Sweet Shelties began in 1986 and operated for 5 years in Harpersfield, NY. Due to life circumstances, a 17-year hiatus and Mari's Sweet Shelties is back. 
Since re-structuring in 2009, we’ve had the privilege of working with so many wonderful Sheltie-loving families, placing the perfect puppy with the perfect forever family....and along the way, these families have become an extension of our own family.  Together, we give all of our puppies a happy, healthy, well-socialized start to life.  
Hi, I am Mariellen of Mari's Sweet Shelties.  My lifetime love of Shelties began as a baby when my father was a Sheltie breeder.  In these pictures above, I am 1 year old with my dad showing me a newborn puppy.  The middle picture, I'm about 2 and loving on a lap-full of puppies. And the last picture is with my big bro Joe, I'm about 4 and again, puppy in lap!

Following in the footsteps of my father, I am now a breeder of Shetland Sheepdogs.  My Shelties are whelped and raised in my home surrounded by three generations of family.  Every day the pups are admired and loved on by the grandchildren, my adult children, my husband & I.  Many friends come by regularly to visit each litter.  Our home is very active and energetic, socializing and preparing the puppy for your home.
Pictures above are of the Sheltie Dog Rooms in my home.  Previously living space for my parents, our sheltie pack has 2 rooms of their own.  Keeping the kitchen sink and a counter top for grooming, the former kitchen space is the Adult's room.  And just over a pony wall, in the former living room, is now permanent puppy pens.  Here our pups are born and grown till they are ready for your home.  The Nursery room can be opened for adults to visit the babies and get some dog-to-dog socialization before heading out into the world.  

After pups have their first vet visit and shots at six week of age, we take them out into our community to continue their socialization. We visit Kindergarten and First Grade classes at our school and before covid, hopefully again, the Assisted Living Nursing Home in our town. By the time your puppy is ready to go home, they have had many experiences so they are ready for smooth confident transition.

Below are pictures of school visits a few years ago with my granddaughter's class.
Young or  -- 
I still delight in a litter of puppies!

The Adult's Room. We use crates to insure each dog has their own personal space, gets their own food supply and there is peace & harmony among the pack.

The Nursery Room, 
2 permanent pens for whelping and growing, getting the babies ready to join your family